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We've changed things at Sure Water!

We've rebooted Sure Water! Over the past year, we've been studying to find what shipping pricing structure would give people the best deal. Up until now, we have been using a "Free Shipping" model. While this does create a simple and straightforward model, we've found that if we adopt a more flexible model would offer the vast majority of our customers a much better deal. 

"Free Shipping" is somewhat of a misnomer. It's actually "averaged shipping." When a company offers free shipping, they average their shipping costs and add it to the cost of the product. We've found that we can offer a better lower price by more accurately representing this cost by charging a rock-bottom price for our tanks, and then adding shipping prices to that based on location and actual shipping costs. This may seem more to think about, but trust us, it will hugely benefit our customers. 

Another big benefit is that you will now be able to save a ton of money by ordering more than one tank at a time. If you yourself don't need more than one, you can see if your neighbors do. Shipping 2+ tanks reduces the shipping cost per tank. The more you order, the more you can save. 

Now, when you add a tank or two to your cart, you can use the built in shipping & tax estimator to see what your final cost would be. We're excited about this new price model, and it will almost always save you money overall. Have a look around the site (especially our FAQs page), and drop us a message on our contact page if you have a question or just want to get in touch!



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